The Bachelor Finale Viewing Party – Sean Lowe


Bachelor Viewing Party

I’m a sucker for The Bachelor/Bachelorette reality tv show. I’ve watched almost all of the seasons; minus a few weird ones like when they had a guy who was a Prince or something. I always say I’m not going to watch the new season, but they still pull me in somehow.  I guess its because I love love, and think that by watching I’ll gain some valuable insights that will answer ALL of my questions about men. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can still dream, right?!

Since another season is coming to an end on Monday, no doubt being “the most dramatic finale ever”, I wanted to share the finale viewing party I had for Sean’s season. (Note: Unfortunately, the only pictures I had were on my phone, but this still gives you the idea:))

Bachelor Viewing Party 3

You can’t have a Bachelor Viewing party without rose petals and candles!

Bachelor Viewing Party 5

And you certainly can’t have a Bachelor Viewing Party without cupcakes (with the two remaining contestant’s faces on them) and chocolate dipped oreos…I mean hello!

Bachelor Viewing Party 4

So, who’s ready to break out the roses and have their own Bachelor Finale Viewing Party!?

Even though I’m not a fan of Juan Pablo, I am a huge fan of themed parties and will be having another finale party on Monday night! Stay tuned for those pictures next Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “The Bachelor Finale Viewing Party – Sean Lowe

  1. Ha! This is hilarious! I still watch every season too….I can’t help it! 🙂


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