Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I don’t know about you, but I sure love a good holiday. Especially a holiday that involves some sort of theme around dressing up, food and colored beverages. This past weekend I went out to experience some of our local St. Patrick’s Day festivities. They did not disappoint. Some people go all out, which really makes people watching super fun! I also enjoy spreading a little Irish cheer….maybe that is because I have an Irish name!? Erin Go Bragh everyone 🙂 Anyways, here are some of the fun things I experienced this weekend.

St. Patrick's Day

The fire fighters turn the river green each St. Patrick’s Day. They have been doing this for 14 years I guess…who knew!?

St. Patrick's Day

Isn’t this green much prettier to look at versus the brown river water? It looks pretty cool on the snow too….which is finally melting. Yay!

St. Patrick's Day

Nothing says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” like a man wearing a kilt playing the bagpipes!

St. Patrick's Day

How cute is this dog!? Her owner also painted her nails for the occasion. See what I mean, people go ALL out and even dress up their pets!

St. Patrick's Day

Green beer anyone?? A St. Patrick’s Day must have!

St. Patrick's Day

Lastly, you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without leprechauns and good friends!

Wear something green, eat or drink something green and think to yourself “Erin Go Bragh” today! I will be continuing on the St. Patrick’s Day celebration myself 🙂

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Too cute Erin! Happy St. Paddy’s Day 🙂


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