My Spring To-Do List


Spring To-Do List

Each season I always seem to have a list full of things that I need to do, or want to do. Don’t we all? Here are some of the things I plan on accomplishing this Spring. Some are much more glamorous than others, but unfortunately I have to do practical things every now and then too 🙂

Wash the windows


And it doesn’t get much more practical than washing the windows! Luckily, we only have eight windows in the condo to wash, so this should be an easy check off my list…once I decide to do it that is 🙂

Rain boots

Target Rain Boots

I have been wanting some cute rain boots for a long time. This Spring I’m making it a priority to finally get some. I found these cute rain boots at Target. They also come in grey and pink. I kinda love them all, so I might just buy three pairs of cute rain boots this Spring!

plant flowers


I can’t wait to plant flowers! They will of course be planted in pots, but they liven up my patio and entry way so much. This should be on everyone’s Spring to-do list!

get blonde highlights

Courtney Kerr Hair Pic

They always say blondes have more fun, so for this Spring/Summer I thought I’d try it out. I love Courtney Kerr, and really love her hair color right now. Here’s hoping the saying is right…I could use a fun Spring!

Organize Linen Closet

Linen Closet

I have been meaning to do this since January. Hopefully, since I’m blogging about it will actually make me do it! Please help hold me accountable on this one 🙂

KD Party

Kentucky Derby

To say I’m excited about throwing a Kentucky Derby Party would be a serious understatement. From the chic hats, to the mint juleps, to the actual race…it’s right up my alley! I CANNOT wait!!

Improve golf

Golf Ball

Golf is a super frustrating sport. I only like playing when I hit good shots, which happens like never. So, in order to enjoy it I have to practice. My dad suggested I become a “core” golfer this year, which means playing at least ten times. Looks like I’ll be spending lots of time at the driving range this Spring! At least I can wear cute golf outfits 🙂


Melissa Gorga's Book

One of my favorite Real Housewives, Melissa Gorga talks about how she gets a professional facial each season in her book, “Love Italian Style”. Since I recently graduated from my twenties I thought this was a great idea. Anything to stay youthful! I had my first ever professional facial this Winter and loved it. These Housewives sure know what they are talking about!

Bike Rides

Bike Pic

Lastly, my sister and I purchased bikes a few years ago. This is mine, how cute is it!? I have only been on a bike ride maybe a total of seven times since I bought it. This Spring it’s time to step it up. We have a lot of great bike trails around our condo, and even have a Farm’s Market I could ride to this Spring. Which also reminds me that I need to buy a cute white wicker basket to attach to the front. Can’t you just see it now…me strolling along on my cute bike with a white basket full of fresh flowers and goodies from the Farm’s Market 🙂

What is on your to-do list this Spring?

Have a great Wednesday!

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5 thoughts on “My Spring To-Do List

  1. Love it, Erin!! A facial sounds wonderful (and a massage haha) 🙂


  2. P.S. LOVE those rain boots too!!


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