Bikini Bites: Healthy Comfort Food

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I’m afraid Mother Nature is playing a mean trick on us. Even though the season has officially changed to Spring, it still feels like Winter. Yuck.
Luckily, in today’s segment of Bikini Bites, Danielle has whipped up a healthy version of some comfort food to help you get through these last few days of cold weather.

Bean Soup Pic

Bean Soup Recipe

This is delicious! This recipe leaves you feeling full, but not stuffed. What a great feeling!

Skinny Noodle Alfredo Pic

Skinny Noodle Alfredo Recipe

These noodles taste like the REAL thing. But, they are Gluten Free and healthy! I loved them! This whole dish is very tasty!

Skinny Noodles Pic

Here is a picture of the Skinny Noodles. Danielle purchases them online here.

As the official taste tester of Bikini Bites I can tell you these recipes are amazing! I will have to give them a whirl this weekend, and I hope you do too!

Enjoy 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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One thought on “Bikini Bites: Healthy Comfort Food

  1. Helpful hint:Make sure after you rinse and drain water that you place in a skillet om medium heat for a few minutes to steam out the excess water from rinsing. Then transfer to a microwave safe bowl, add puree then microwave covered 2 to 3 min.


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