My Spring Break Favorites

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Do you know what they forget to make very clear to you in college? Once you graduate, and get a real job, companies don’t shut down for a week around the end of March, early April for Spring Break. It is hard to get used to when you have been fortunate to go somewhere every Spring Break since you were 7 years old.  So what do you do when practically everyone else leaves town to escape to the Tropics? You can reminisce about past Spring Break vacations, and think about what you would do on vacation if you were going yourself! At least that is what I like to do 🙂

Luckily, I have a GREAT imagination, and also have some fun Spring Break favorites that make daydreaming about vacation that much better! If I was going on Spring Break these are some things I would be taking/doing on my vacation.

Spring Break Hat

I have a weird obsession with hats, especially hats you could wear to the beach. The only problem is I buy them and never wear them. I know, I don’t get it either. None the less they look pretty taking up room in my suit case 🙂 I bought this cute fedora a few years ago on vacation. I’d like to pretend I wear this everyday on the beach.

Magarita 2

There is something about Margaritas and warm weather. It is my go to drink on vacation. I would be drinking lots of these on Spring Break!

Target Bikini

My typical vacation rountine goes something like this: wake up, go the beach, take a mid-morning nap at the beach, go inside and eat lunch, go back to the beach, take an afternoon nap at the beach, leave the beach and go to the pool, take a shower, go to dinner, maybe go shopping and go to bed. Exciting stuff, right!? I pretty much live in a bikini for a week.  I’ve been loving fringe lately, and I love this cute bikini from Target! I’d definitely have to take this with me!

Crab Legs

I always look forward to eating crab legs on vacation. I know it’s a challenging food to eat, but it’s worth it. I would have to eat this at least once on my Spring Break.

Ice Cream

I love ice cream, and I really enjoy indulging in it on vacation. There is something about eating ice cream in a warm climate that makes it taste that much better. Consider this a multiple must-do on my Spring Break!

Well, daydreaming about going on Spring Break just makes you want to go even more!  Let’s end on a positive note by reminiscing about one of my favorite Spring Break vacations, shall we?

 When I was a Senior in high school I somehow convinced my parents to let me take 6 friends with us to Florida. We had our own condo on the beach, which is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to a bunch of 18 year olds. Here’s a little collage of my memories from that vacation.

Spring Break Collage Final

Doesn’t it look like we had the best time ever!? I have so many great memories from that trip!

If you are like me and have to stay home for Spring Break this year I hope you can find some Spring Break favorites of your own, that let you daydream about being on vacation for a little bit 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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