Sissy Day


Tomorrow is National Siblings Day, so to celebrate I wanted to devote today’s post to a very important person in my life – my sister (or Sissy as we like to joke around and call it), Kelli!

Sissy Day Collage 4

Sissy Day Collage 1

Kelli is my younger sister, even though people always mistake her as being the older one. She just loves hearing that 😉

I try to reassure her it’s just because I’m so youthful looking…and perhaps shorter.

Sissy Collage 2

Sissy Day Collage 3

Kelli is my biggest cheerleader, roommate, favorite shopping buddy, personal stylist (when I can’t figure out what to wear), technology specialist, occasional dry cleaner, guinea pig and most importantly best friend. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Sissy Day 8

Sissy Day 25

Sissy Day 4

Sissy Day 5

Sissy Day 20

Sissy Day 17

Even though she is my little sister I admire her so much. I’m very lucky to have her in my life. Here’s to you, Sissy! Thanks for putting up with me, and being the best sister anyone could ever ask for! You mean more to me then you’ll ever know 🙂

Sissy Day 18

Be sure to wish your brothers and sisters a Happy Siblings Day tomorrow! I’m sure they would appreciate it…maybe even get them a little gift! Hint, hint Kelli 😉

Have a good day!

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11 thoughts on “Sissy Day

  1. Two beautiful girls I am proud to have as my nieces!


  2. How cute is that……………..sooooo enjoyed the pics of you both…..gosh I still wish you were little all over again!! 🙂
    Love, Aunt Donna


  3. Very beautiful sister’s inside and out.


  4. Erin, what touching words. I loved it! Both beautiful when you were young, and still beautiful now that you are older. 🙂


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