Easy Bunny Picture


Easy Bunny Picture

I have been eying bunny silhouette pictures on Pinterest for the last few years, so this Easter season I decided it was a good time to make one of my own. They are so cute and easy to make…why wouldn’t you have one displayed on your mantle for Easter? Not to mention, I have been in love with bunnies for as long as I can remember. I think it stems back to a cute little bunny named Patty Rabbit from the Maple Town toy collection. Does anyone remember Maple Town?

Maple Town - Patty Rabbit

The Maple Town toy collection consisted of several different animal families. They had clothes, cars, houses and even videos centered around their characters. Patty Rabbit was my favorite! And seriously how cute is she?

Before I lived and breathed Barbies I played with cute little bunnies like Patty. And since then I have always been a bunny fan 🙂

Anyways, back to the bunny silhouette picture!

Easy Bunny Picture

I found the perfect picture to use at Goodwill, and it was 50% off. Bonus!

While browsing around Jo-Ann’s I found a cute silhouette felt bunny. I liked the idea of it adding a little dimension to my bunny, so I bought it. I could have even left it as is and used the fabric as a background, but I preferred the alternative.

That’s the thing with these bunny silhouette pictures the possibilities are somewhat endless!

I bought a little extra chevron fabric to cover the bunny. I already had the turquoise paper for the background and white spray paint for the frame at home.

This project ended up costing me less than $5!!

Easy Bunny Picture

I just love how it turned out! It officially completes my Easter decor.

Easy Bunny Picture

And it even coordinates with my Shabby Chic Birds!

Easy Bunny Picture

Full House Bunny

My sister said the picture reminded her of this bunny silhouette picture from Full House. I think she just has Full House on the brain because we watch re-runs every night on Nick at Nite 🙂 Maybe the show started the trend!

Wherever the pictures came from they sure are cute. I’m so happy I have mine! Who else is ready to make one of their own!?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. This is so cute Erin! Love it! Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog!


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