My May Favorites

Good Morning!

Can you believe how fast the month of May went? Since time flies by so quickly I decided to spend some time at the end of each month doing a little recap of some of the fun things I did, experienced, saw or just really liked during that month. Because let’s face it…the older I get, the harder it is to remember day-to-day things! We can all relate to this right? And it’s nice to look back and appreciate all the of the good things around us every now and then.

Here are some of my May favorites…

Spring Nature Collage

Spring is one of my favorite seasons! I love when everything starts to bloom…I only wish it could stay this way a little longer. The trees in our front yard are so gorgeous in bloom. And this was a particularly gorgeous evening in general! Continue reading



A Thank You & An Easy Thank You Gift

Good Morning!

I’d like to take you back to 2006 with me today. Picture a fresh out of college 22 year-old walking in to teach her first group exercise class. A class full of about 30-40 senior citizens ready to eat her alive! Ok, it wasn’t really that bad, but you can imagine I was a little terrified. Would they like me? Would I make it through class without passing out? What if I make one of them pass out? You know…the typical thoughts that run through any group exercise instructor’s head.

I made it through that first class…and no one passed out either. Whew! I remember leaving the class a little weepy and wondering what I had just signed myself up for.

I guess that is the thing about life, sometimes the things that scare us end up being the most worthwhile. Here we are 8 years later and I’m still teaching that same class. My Wednesday Silver Sneakers class. Although tomorrow I will walk into my Wednesday Silver Sneaker class for the last time.

Today, I would like to thank those Seniors that have made this little job of mine one of my absolute favorites! And I have even made an easy thank you gift to go along with it.

An Easy Thank You Gift

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Bikini Bites: 2 Easy Guilt-Free Summer Recipes

Happy Friday!

Raise both hands if you are excited about the 3-day weekend! I myself am thrilled about it…even though I don’t have any big plans. It will be nice to relax and do NOTHING for a change.

In today’s Bikini Bites segment, Danielle is sharing two of her guilt-free summer recipes…because Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off summertime in my book!!!

2 Easy Guilt Free Summer Recipes Continue reading


Tips for Throwing a Bachelorette Party

Good morning!

It seems like just yesterday I was heading to Nashville, TN for my best friend’s Bachelorette Party. Time sure does fly!

When I started planning for this party last year I did what we all tend to do…turn to Pinterest for some inspiration! And I found some great ideas, but I also came up with a few of my own. Since we are in the midst of wedding season I’m sure there are a lot of you who are in the middle of planning a Bachelorette Party. Here are some of the tips and tricks I learned while planning my best friend’s.

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DIY Planted Flower Pots

Happy Monday!

Let me start off today’s post with a confession…I don’t do dirt.

Even though I grew up living in the country I’d consider myself more of an indoorsy kinda girl. Mainly because I am deathly afraid of snakes, big bugs and/or any rodents that come out of no where just to scare you.  So, when my mom asked me to help her weed her perennial garden a few years ago this brilliant “I don’t do dirt” comment came out of my mouth. And it sort of stuck…all while continuing to make us laugh about it years later.

You might be wondering how I make my DIY Planted Flower Pots each year since I don’t do dirt…so I thought I’d share that with you today!

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My Spring Clothing Favorites

Mother Nature sure has a mind of her own here in Indiana. One day it feels like Summer, and the next day the high is 45 degrees. Brrr! Lucky for me that means it isn’t time to break out the Summer clothes just yet. There are still plenty of days to enjoy my Spring wardrobe!

While browsing online I found lots of cute Spring Favorites of mine. Spring means it is time to incorporate some floral back into your wardrobe. You need some pastel colors, fun statement jewelry, a cool pair of shades, a cute jacket and a nice springy pair of pants for when it’s just too cold to wear a skirt. Continue reading


Patio Furniture Update

 My patio furniture has seen better days, and was really starting to look weathered after last summer. This spring I knew it was time for an update, so you know what that means…make-over! I love a good make-over, especially a good DIY furniture make-over!

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A Patio Chair Update

When we first moved into the Purple Palace we were so excited to purchase our patio furniture. Over time anything left outside tends to fade…and fade bad in some cases. This has certainly been the case with the patio furniture we purchased just 3 short years ago. My sister and I decided it was time for an update, but weren’t exactly thrilled about coughing up the extra money to do it.

While browsing through Target one day we spotted some adorable turquoise chairs and knew that was the direction we wanted to go in. The only problem is the chairs were $110 for two….ouch! Then we got to thinking….why not just spray paint the faded patio chairs we had. And so our patio chair update began!

  Patio Chair Update

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Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, today’s post is dedicated to my fabulous Mother 🙂

I’ve learned so much from my mom over the years. I thought I’d share some of the most important things she has taught me with you today.

Mother's Day

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