Kentucky Derby Party Decor Ideas

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Tomorrow is the big day…my Kentucky Derby Party!! Monday I shared a few of the recipes I’ll be making for the party, and today I wanted to share a few of my decorating ideas…plus my Derby hat!

Kentucky Derby Party Decor Ideas

Kentucky Derby Party Decor Ideas

A few things I will be decorating with include trophies, roses, horses and ribbons. I purchased some toy horses and trophies at the Dollar Tree. Then I found the ribbons (deeply discounted might I add) and roses in the dollar section at Michael’s. These roses are actually scented soap, but they stand up so nice on their own, look real…and smell really nice too!

Kentucky Derby Party Decor Ideas

How cute are these drink flags!? I found these adorable free printables here. I printed them off, folded them in half and glued them to a drink stirrer. And as a bonus the stirrer turns into a fun game for your guests. Whichever stirrer they choose will be the horse they cheer for during the race! Fun stuff!

Kentucky Derby Party Decor Ideas

I knew right away that I wanted to decorate with some horseshoes for my Kentucky Derby Party. But, where does one find a bunch of authentic horseshoes? As luck would have it, my mom was visiting my Aunt in Ohio. Her neighbor happened to have a bunch of horseshoes that he didn’t need, so he very generously gave her a bunch for FREE!! Thank you kind neighbor in Ohio! Your horseshoe donation will go to good use…and bring me so much decorating joy 🙂

Kentucky Derby Party Decor Ideas

I decided my Dollar Tree horses would look cute standing on some moss, surrounded by a white fence. I found these fence pieces at Hobby Lobby. Then I bought a thin piece of styrofoam, and hot glued the moss and fence to it. Just something fun to sit around at the party!

And lastly….my hat!

Kentucky Derby Hat

I bought my hat at Burlington Coat Factory for $8. I found a pink peony at Michael’s, and some feathers and tulle at Hobby Lobby to add to it.  I wrapped the tulle around the center, and attached the feathers at an angle. Then I added the flower……

Kentucky Derby Hat

….and here’s my hat!!!

To say I’m excited about this party would be an understatement! Can’t you tell!?

Hopefully, I gave you a few quick decorating ideas if you are having your own Kentucky Derby Party. I’ll share some pictures of how all my party decorations came together later next week.

Enjoy watching the Derby! After all, it is the most exciting two minutes in sports!

Have a great weekend!

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