My Spring Clothing Favorites

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Mother Nature sure has a mind of her own here in Indiana. One day it feels like Summer, and the next day the high is 45 degrees. Brrr! Lucky for me that means it isn’t time to break out the Summer clothes just yet. There are still plenty of days to enjoy my Spring wardrobe!

While browsing online I found lots of cute Spring Favorites of mine. Spring means it is time to incorporate some floral back into your wardrobe. You need some pastel colors, fun statement jewelry, a cool pair of shades, a cute jacket and a nice springy pair of pants for when it’s just too cold to wear a skirt.

Here are some of the cute things I found that would be great assets to anyone’s Spring wardrobe.

Spring Favorites

1. Top Shop Earrings  2. Top Shop Jacket  3. Ray Ban Aviators  4. H&M Blouse  5. H&M Pants  6. H&M Necklace  7. H&M Dress  8. Aldo Loafers  9. H&M Bangle

What are some of your Spring wardrobe staples?

Have a nice weekend!

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