A Thank You & An Easy Thank You Gift


Good Morning!

I’d like to take you back to 2006 with me today. Picture a fresh out of college 22 year-old walking in to teach her first group exercise class. A class full of about 30-40 senior citizens ready to eat her alive! Ok, it wasn’t really that bad, but you can imagine I was a little terrified. Would they like me? Would I make it through class without passing out? What if I make one of them pass out? You know…the typical thoughts that run through any group exercise instructor’s head.

I made it through that first class…and no one passed out either. Whew! I remember leaving the class a little weepy and wondering what I had just signed myself up for.

I guess that is the thing about life, sometimes the things that scare us end up being the most worthwhile. Here we are 8 years later and I’m still teaching that same class. My Wednesday Silver Sneakers class. Although tomorrow I will walk into my Wednesday Silver Sneaker class for the last time.

Today, I would like to thank those Seniors that have made this little job of mine one of my absolute favorites! And I have even made an easy thank you gift to go along with it.

An Easy Thank You Gift

An Easy Thank You Gift How-To

Being the great group exercise instructor that I am…I decided to bake my Silver Sneakers some cookies! It’s all about moderation, right!? I found these adorable “thank you” printables here. Then I purchased some clear treat bags at Michael’s that looked nice and summery, and found some coordinating ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

I used construction paper to add a border, and more color to the printables. I found a wine glass turned upside down gave me the perfect border for these printables. I cut everything out, glued the printables onto the construction paper and used a hole punch to create the holes.

I stuffed the bags with cookies, and tied my thank you printables with ribbon. Super easy!

An Easy Thank-You Gift

The perfect and easy thank you gift!

An Easy Thank-You Gift

And who doesn’t love getting cookies!?

An Easy Thank-You Gift

This would make a great little thank you gift for teachers, employees, anyone really!

Now, back to my Silver Sneakers….

I would like to thank them for being the best class I ever could have hoped for! Thank you for always greeting me with your smiles, sharing your health and wellness journeys with me, laughing at my jokes, buying me candy, treating me like family, listening to my recaps of the Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes, cheering on the IU Hoosiers, sharing recipes and home improvement tips, not getting upset that class went over a few minutes because I was talking a little too much, and for letting me be apart of your lives for the past 8 years. You have impacted my life in more ways than you will ever know.

An Easy Thank-You Gift

I know I will get the chance to work with some of you again, and I can’t wait for that day!

Until then, thank you and I truly love you all 🙂

Silver Sneakers

Just like that first class back in 2006, I’m sure I’m going to leave a little weepy today. Although, it will be for a completely different reason. Isn’t it funny how life works out?

Have a great Wednesday!

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8 thoughts on “A Thank You & An Easy Thank You Gift

  1. Sounds like a great group – glad you could be a part of their lives!


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  3. Erin that was really sweet of you to make their last day with you special………………they will always remember that! 🙂


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