DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Covers


Good Morning!

About a month ago I saw these super cute throw pillow covers in the H&M home collection…which by the way if you haven’t seen their home collection you have to check it out here! They have AMAZING stuff!

H&M Pillow

Anyways, back to the throw pillow covers.

Instead of following my mother’s motto of “if you want it get it”, I decided to wait for a coupon I could use on them or for a home collection sale.

So I waited…and waited.

Well guess what!? Everyone else must have liked them too, because when I went to buy them they were gone! Just my luck!

On to Plan B…the good ole DIY route.

DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Covers

Who am I kidding anyways…you know I prefer the DIY route!

Now I would not consider myself a seamstress whatsoever. However, if I could make these envelope throw pillow covers (with assistance from my lovely mother) anyone can 🙂

To start out I found some summery looking fabric at Hobby Lobby. Which I was able to use a coupon on…so my procrastination did pay off!

Since I don’t have a sewing machine (and you can’t hot glue these things) I headed to my parents house to use my mom’s sewing machine.

DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Covers


1. First, measure your pillow, and add one inch more in length and width in fabric for the front of the pillow. Then cut the fabric.

2. Cut another piece of fabric the same width as the front piece. This time allow the length to be four inches longer than the front piece. Fold this piece in half lengthwise and cut on the fold. Now you have two pieces for the backside.

3. Iron the fabric for both the front and backside of the pillow.

4. Next, fold the raw edges of the back pieces about a quarter-inch and press to create a smooth seam. Then sew the seam on both pieces.

5. Line up the front and back sides of the fabric so it is facing inwards, and sew around the whole pillow cover. Make sure to turn at the corners and not sew to the complete edge.

6. Turn the throw pillow cover inside out and add your pillow.

DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Covers

And you have your very own envelope throw pillow covers!

Such an easy way to switch your throw pillows around without spending the money to buy brand new pillows!

Moral of the story…procastination always pays off with the DIY route 🙂

What DIY projects have you been working on lately?

Have a great day!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Covers

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  3. These are so cute, Erin! Great tutorial…now I just need to learn how to sew!!


  4. I love the colours! I have some fabric waiting to be made over into pillow covers… I’m using this tutorial!


  5. I’m dying over those fabrics! Gorgeous picks!


  6. This is my favorite way to make pillow covers, too! So easy! I just love that fabric!


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  9. i just made some of these. They were super easy! Mine came out a little bit big so I went back and topstitched them and they look just as good!


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