My June Favorites


Good Morning!

Where has the month of June gone?

I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of fun this month!

As I recapped some of my favorite moments and things in May, here are some of my June favorites!

June Favorites

Let’s just start with the Bachelorette, shall we!?

June Favorites

Luckily, Andi has kept Josh around all month for my viewing enjoyment 🙂 I can’t say I’m 100% on team Josh anymore. The guy’s got a few red flags flying high. But, he’s still pretty smoking hot!

June Favorites

At the beginning of June the producers surprised us by bringing Boyz II Men on the show. I have been a HUGE Boyz II Men since I saw them in concert last summer with 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block. Watching the men (particularly Josh of course) serenade Andi with a Boyz II Men song was like heaven for me…except the fact that the guys were AWFUL singers…it was still fun to watch! If only they would have sung “On Bended Knee” instead. Oh well maybe next time.

By the way…I promise I only take pictures of my TV to share with you 🙂

June Favorites

Every year our city has a ton of festivals…seriously like one every weekend. Germanfest is definitely one of my favs! And it’s always a blast to go with my fun friends!

June Favorites

Since Summer officially kicked off in June I have been drinking a lot of Sweet Tea. One of my go to Summer treats 🙂

June Favorites

This month we also had a garage sale. This is only a favorite because we sold a lot of stuff…so now we can use the money to buy more stuff. Yay!!

June Favorites

All of our perennial flowers have finally bloomed! And it has been raining just enough to hopefully keep them in bloom all Summer long.

June Favorites

Ok…so I know you are probably thinking this picture doesn’t fit. And you would be right, except for the fact that Hobby Lobby started putting out their Fall decorations in June. It’s crazy I know…but at the same time I can’t help but get a little excited when I see it because the Fall is my absolute favorite season ever!

With that being said I am in NO rush for it to get here yet…not until late July mid-August that is. Sorry all of my Summer loving friends 🙂 I can’t deal with hot weather for very long.

June Favorites

And lastly one of my favorite parts about this month would have to be going to the Nelly, Florida Georgia Line Concert. Or should I say the Florida Georgia Line, Nelly concert? Nelly opened for them of course, but in my opinion he was the whole show!

June Favorites

I went with this fun group of friends!

June Favorites

We may have had a little too much fun!

We danced, and sang, and danced some more. And took some fun selfies 🙂

By the end of the concert it was hard to walk because our feet hurt from all the dancing…and I might have lost my voice a little too.

Completely worth it though!

Some of my favorite posts from this month were:

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What were some of your June favorites?

I have a lot going on in July, and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you next month!

You can of course keep up with my latest ventures all month long by following me on Instagram and Twitter 🙂

Have a good day!

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2 thoughts on “My June Favorites

  1. Best blog post yet!!! I cannot wait to see the fun you have in July 🙂


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