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A Day Back at the Beach


Good Morning!

It’s only Wednesday and I’m ready to go back to the beach…

 A Day at the Beach

And this time I’m taking you with me!

 A Day at the Beach

(Feel free to thank me later :))

So let’s head back to the beautiful sandy beaches of Ocean Isle, NC shall we?!

 A Day at the Beach

Last week while on vacation my daily routine pretty much consisted of this: wake up, run on the beach, eat breakfast, head to the beach, read on the beach, take a nap on the beach, jam to Pandora on the beach, go inside for lunch, head back to the beach, drink on the beach…you get the idea.

 A Day at the Beach

I spent A LOT of time on the beach.

 A Day at the Beach

Can you blame me? Who wouldn’t want to hang out here all day?

 A Day at the Beach

 A Day at the Beach

And this year we even made a new friend on the beach…everyone meet Tommy!

A Day at the Beach

Tommy was a real life saver for me.

He introduced us to the game Bocce Ball…which we played on the beach!

A Day at the Beach

To sum up the game you basically throw a bunch of balls around on the beach and follow them…all while getting a nice even tan 🙂

Because if you’re anything like me you hate lying on your stomach in the sand just to get your back side tan. It’s not comfortable and nobody likes to get sand in their eyes, mouth and hair.

A Day at the Beach

So thanks to Tommy and Bocce Ball we all have nice even tans 🙂

And Tommy picked me as his Bocce Ball partner (because I apparently exude athleticism…haha not!), and we cleaned house. Bonus…because I don’t really like to lose!

All in all it was another successful day at the beach!

Friday I’ll wrap up my vacation with some candid shots 🙂

Thanks for going back to the beach with me today!

Have a great Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “A Day Back at the Beach

  1. Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing!


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