Tour Through Blogland

Touring Through Blogland


Good Morning!

Today I am thrilled to be participating in a Tour Through Blogland! My blogging buddy Katie from View From the Fridge invited me to join in on all of the fun last week. Katie is a mother of three adorable little boys, and has a super cute blog dedicated to diy crafts, home décor, and of course some fun family pics from time to time too! I love her creativity and use of color. If you haven’t seen Katie’s blog yet you can check it out here. Thanks for inviting me Katie!

This week it’s my turn to answer a few questions about my blog, my blogging process (sounds so technical doesn’t it!?), share some pictures of my home and give you an insight about what I have been working on lately.

Then I will introduce you to a few new bloggers at the end of this post who will share their tours with you next Monday.

So let’s begin…welcome to my tour!

First up my home… that we have named the Purple Palace!

Tour Through Blogland

I live with my sister and we wanted our place to be super girly.

Tour Through Blogland

Because we assume that when we get married our future husbands probably aren’t going to go for the idea of having a bright purple kitchen…

Tour Through Blogland

Although one can always dream 🙂

Tour Through Blogland

Have you figured out why we call it the Purple Palace yet?

Tour Through Blogland

Lots of purple, lots of girly décor, and Palace sounds great with the word purple 🙂

Tour Through Blogland

Now on to the questions…

Questions 1: What are you working on now?

One project that I am trying to get motivated to start is organizing my garage.

Tour Through Blogland

Seriously who would be motivated to tackle this mess…not exciting!

It could be in a lot worse shape…and it’s probably something I could knock out in a day.

But who really wants to organize their garage???

I need to keep reminding myself of how nice it will be to have it all done…I’ll keep working on that one 🙂

My sister is also redecorating her bedroom and bathroom.

Tour Through Blogland

A little progress has been made, but there is still lots of painting to be done in both rooms.

Tour Through Blogland

So this is something I can happily get on board with!

Tour Through Blogland

I’m also thinking about finding a new desk for our loft…I’m envisioning a medium-sized vintage table that I can repaint a fun color.

….I’m always looking around thinking about what project I can do next 🙂

Question 2: How does my work differ from those of my genre? 

This is a good question.

To be completely honest with you I’m not sure how it really differs per se.

I know (and you know) I like decorating with color…and am never afraid to use it.

I guess you could say I try to be bold…like having a bright purple kitchen!

Tour Through Blogland

If that isn’t bold I’m not sure what is 🙂

Like most diy bloggers I like to find a cheap fixer-upper and make it something of my own.

I want my home to be bold and unique.

Question 3: Why do I write/create what I do?

I have always enjoyed writing. Enough to become a journalism major in college!

But once I got a taste of the news biz I knew it wasn’t for me.

Writing went on the backburner. I still graduated with a journalism degree, but with an emphasis in advertising.

I have always enjoyed crafting, having parties and most recently home décor. Well, I guess you can say I’ve always somewhat enjoyed it…our Barbie mansions had killer home décor back in the day 🙂

Tour Through Blogland

I am constantly working on some sort of project, and I finally decided it was time to document some of this stuff and share it with the world…and here I am 🙂

Questions 4: How does your writing/creative process work?

I can’t help but laugh at this question and think…if you only knew! Haha 🙂

I guess it’s time to spill the beans…

I’d love to say everything is always carefully thought out and written weeks in advance, but that is just not the case. At. All.

Like most bloggers (although, I don’t have kids or a husband…which might I add I don’t know how those ladies do it!) I have a job(s) that keep me pretty busy. So creating and writing comes second in my life.

I do my best to plan posts out as far in advance as possible. And if I don’t have something planned I have been lucky enough to put something together last minute that works!

Like I mentioned before, I’m always crafting, so it was only a matter of time before I started documenting it all.

Once I get an idea I write it down in my handy dandy blogging notebook, or blogging calendar and then I go with it.

And that’s the process.

So technical I know 🙂

Tour Through Blogland

 And now it’s time to introduce you to some fantastic bloggers!

House by Hoff

Tour Through Blogland

I’m April. Mom, wife, teacher, decorator, photographer, thirfter, blogger…it seems I wear a lot of hats! Join me as I strive to keep my life balanced and organized in a house that gets decorated (and redecorated) by the day!

Home. Made. Interest.

 Tour Through Blogland

We’re Kat & Melinda, BFFs who share a love for creating! Whether it is a crafty Pinterest project, hosting a party, home decorating or trying out a new recipe, we just enjoy coming up with ideas and seeing if we can make them happen. At least a couple of times a week you will find us sitting around the kitchen table discussing all of the projects we want to do, or what cool new thing we’ve seen on Pinterest, and maybe gossiping…just a little ;). Stop by and see what we’ve been working on!

DIY Beautify

Tour Through Blogland

I’m Cindy. I do hot coffee, English ironstone, thrifty treasures, and all things diy. Join me as I create beauty from the ordinary!

Be sure to check out these ladies’ blogs, and stop by next Monday to see their own Tour Through Blogland!

Thanks for touring with me today!

Have a great day 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Touring Through Blogland

  1. I love purple too and those peacock feather napkin rings are awesome…I’m slightly peacock obsessed :). Thanks for thinking of us, looking forward to next week!


    • Thanks, Kat! Lately I have been spotting a lot of cute peacock décor in craft stores…so I think another peacock inspired project is my near future 🙂 Glad you gals joined in on the tour! Looking forward to reading you post next Monday. Have a great week!


  2. Hi Erin! We’re on vacation this week, and I’m just getting to reading your awesome tour! How fun! Your home is beautiful, and your styling of everything is perfect. Looks like something out of a magazine … A magazine featuring the color purple! Ha … Just love it! It was also fun to read more about you, and I totally know how it goes … You’re busy with different stuff in each stage of your o


    • Oops … Hit ‘submit’ too early. Anyway, it seems like first your job consumes your life, then your hubby, then a kid … And then three of them. Ha! Thanks for participating! You picked some fun bloggers for next week! Can’t wait to see their homes! Hope you’re having a great week!


      • Thanks for all the sweet comments , Katie! I’m looking forward to all of the different stages of life. I just hope I can keep the balance like you do 🙂 Hope you are having a great vacation!


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