Back to School Supplies Favorites


Good Morning!

For some reason I love Back to School time.

Weird I know, right!?

I mean I have been out of school for longer than I’d like to think {or admit}…but walking through the store aisles full of brightly colored pens, folders and notebooks makes me happy!

It must be the wannabe teacher in me.

The teacher that solely wants to decorate her classroom, grade papers and have the Summers and snow days off that is…not exactly one that has to teach anybody anything 🙂

Anyways, as I was leisurely strolling through the Back to School supplies section this year I found some super cool stuff!

Stuff I had to share with you…here are some of my Back to School Supplies favorites!

Back to School Favorites

1. Binder; 2. Backpack; 3. Markers; 4. Pens; 5. Calculators; 6. Pencils; 7. Scissors 8. Notebooks 9. Message Flags

Isn’t this stuff the coolest!?

So whether you have kids that need some Back to School Supplies {or you are just weird like me and like to browse}…check this stuff out!

Here’s to sending your kids {or yourself 🙂 } Back to School in style!

And for your further Back to School enjoyment…I’ll leave you with a few of my childhood first day of school pics.

Back to School Favorites

Clearly a front door tradition that my Dad never wanted to miss each school year 🙂

Back to School Favorites

Lots of great first day of school memories…and weird hairdos!

What are some of your Back to School Supplies Favorites?

Wednesday I’ll be sharing some of my Dorm Room Favorites as we continue on with the Back to School celebration this week!

Happy Monday!

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