Dorm Room Favorites

Dorm Room Favorites

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Welcome back to my Back to School week!

Today we are talking dorm rooms…

It seems like yesterday that I was moving into my dorm room at IU…even though it’ll be twelve years ago this year.

12 years people…how is that even possible!?!

I will never forget the feeling I had as my parents drove away, and I walked back to my dorm room.

I was excited, I was nervous, I was alone, I was YOUNG!

What had I signed myself up for????

We’ll talk more about my Freshman year experience on Friday.

But today it’s all about dorm room décor!

Dorm Room Favorites

1. Eiffle Tower Picture; 2. Marilyn Monroe Picture; 3. Audrey Hepburn Picture; 4. Arrow Décor; 5. Clip Lamp; 6. Futon; 7. Rugs; 8. Comforter; 9. Organization Shelf; 10. Pouf Seat/Foot Rest; 11. Storage Containers; 12. Step Stool

While searching for some of my dorm room favorites I was amazed at all of the colorful selections college kids have these days.

I mean I kinda want to live in a dorm room again. Ok not really…but this stuff is cool!

You see when I was looking for dorm room décor (12 short years ago) this was not the case. At. All.

And you know I like my color.

So we had to make practically EVERYTHING. Which was right up my alley even back then 🙂

When you live in a dorm you have to be creative with your space anyways…because you don’t have much to work with.

Think organization and practical…like a colorful step stool!

Even little pieces like this can become instant dorm room décor.

If you get nothing else out of this post remember you need a futon and a step stool for your dorm room…everything else is just a detail 🙂

I was hoping I could end this post with a quick tour of my IU dorm room, but remember I was a college freshman before Facebook and cell phones with cameras.

Sadly this is the only picture I could find…

Dorm Room Favorites

…and it doesn’t do my cute dorm room justice, or show all of the colorful décor I made 😦

Oh well at least you can see some of my pretty pictures…and what a desk top monitor used to look like!

Things have sure changed since 2002.

What are some of your dorm room favorites?

Have a great day!

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