10 tips for College Freshmen

My Top 10 Tips for College Freshmen


Good Morning!

I know this typically isn’t an advice blog, and I don’t claim to be an expert in anything…although if there was such a thing as a Real Housewives franchise expert I’d say I would be more than qualified 🙂

Anyways, when I was a college freshman I learned a lot about myself and life. If I could go back again I would do some things differently. I also taught a freshman wellness class my senior year of college, and was exposed to the lives of about 50 college freshmen. So if I can help someone learn from my personal experiences {or those of my former freshmen students} I feel they are definitely worth sharing.

Whether you are a college freshman, know of one, or you used to be one like me 12 years ago {and can relate to what I’m talking about} here is a list of the top 10 things I learned about that exciting, yet nerve-racking freshmen year…

10 tips for College Freshmen

10 tips for College Freshmen

Before freshmen head off to college they are pumped! They can’t wait to be on their own and start this new exciting chapter. But when reality finally sets in after classes begin…or it’s time to do laundry for the first time and you don’t know the difference between washing something in cold or hot water…you may freak out a little.  I have witnessed some major meltdowns by college freshmen over the years. I personally didn’t experience one of my own, but I totally get where they are coming from. Some people have a hard time adapting to change. And you are experiencing more changes than you have probably ever had to deal with your freshmen year. All while being on your own for the first time ever. That alone is a lot to deal with my friends! It’s important to keep in mind that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. {REPEAT: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE} It’s ok to call your mom crying every day for the first 2 weeks. That’s completely normal!  Just hang in there, and know that this is all a part of the freshmen experience for many. It will get a little easier each day 🙂

Freshmen Tip 2

At the beginning of your freshmen year you may be like me and know absolutely zero people. The easy option would be to head home on the weekends to see your friends and family. Stay put! Step outside of your comfort zone and meet people. You’d be surprised how many other freshmen are in your same boat. You won’t adjust to being a true freshman if you leave campus all the time anyways. Give yourself at least 2-3 full months before you even think about hitting the road.

Freshmen Tip 3

Let me start off this tip by saying I had a great boyfriend my freshmen year of college. However, he was back home and a senior in high school. My weekends usually consisted of making the 3 hour car trip home to see him, or he would make the trip to see me. Which meant I didn’t spend a lot of time getting to know the other freshmen girls on my floor. Big mistake on my part. Your freshman year {and first semester especially} is full of new experiences and people. Use that time to focus on yourself, adjust to the college life, and get to know some new people. If you’re meant to be with that boyfriend you will be in the end anyways. One semester or year apart certainly won’t change that…it will only make your relationship stronger 🙂

And in case you were wondering about my freshmen year boyfriend, he broke up with me when he became a freshmen in college the next year…see he was smarter than me – be single!

Freshmen Tip 4

This may sound like a given but think about it…do you really know the ins and outs of your chosen major? Have you job shadowed someone in your field already? Have you even talked to anyone that has your “dream job”? If not, DO IT NOW! Because when you wait until your junior year and decide “I don’t like this biology stuff…I want to be an International Corporate Accountant.” Good luck switching your major and graduating within 4 years. It ain’t gonna happen! Better yet start your freshmen year undecided. Get the basic courses out of the way and explore some of the majors that intrigue you.

 Freshmen Tip 5

If you are anything like me you were involved in a lot throughout high school. Then you get to college and have a ton of free time. It’s quite an adjustment. While you need to devote some time to studying it’s ok to branch out and find a club or organization to get involved with. Try the Greek system, or if that’s not for you most colleges have a gazillion clubs to join. And if you can’t find one to join you can always start one of your own! Getting involved allows you to meet other people that share some of your same interests. Which equals new friends 🙂

 Freshmen Tiip 6

Even though your dorm room is decorated super cute, feels like home and there is a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon on tv….get out of your dorm room! When I was a freshman I had a tv schedule that started at lunch time and went through the time I went to bed. Not good! You don’t need to become a couch potato this early in life. {Note: even though I enjoyed my tv shows back then like I do now I’m not a couch potato…I swear} If you must, use your DVR to record something and invite some of your floor mates over for a marathon some night. Don’t seclude yourself.

 Freshmen Tip 7

When you are a freshman you will be exposed to more junk food than you have ever seen in your entire life! It isn’t always easy to make healthy choices. And who wants to eat at the same salad bar for lunch and dinner every day!? Let yourself cheat…but make sure you are exercising. It’s not only good to help you keep off the freshman 15 {20, 25 or 30 in some cases} but exercise is good for your mind! And colleges usually have lots of different classes or activities you can try for FREE! There is no excuse not to be active.

 Freshmen Tip 8

Most college freshmen are guilty of rolling out of bed and heading straight to class. I cringe at the thought of how I used to go out in public when I was a freshmen…nasty! The point here is when you look good, you feel good. You never know what kind of opportunities will present themselves to you when you feel your best. So take that few extra minutes to make sure you look presentable. Just by doing that you will stand out anyways because 95% of your freshmen peers will go with the greasy hair, un-brushed teeth, sloppy sweats look.

 Freshmen Tip 9

So you are on your own for the first time ever, and most likely have a roommate. Don’t be the sloppy roommate…nobody likes the sloppy roommate! Make your mom proud. Pick. Up. After. Yourself. It’s a good idea to become a clean freak now!

 Freshmen Tip 10

And speaking of your mom…call your family every once in a while. I know you will be busy meeting new people and experiencing new things…and your parents want that for you! But parents also worry. Don’t shut them off completely 🙂

College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life.

And I can tell you it is probably the FASTEST 4 years of your life.

Enjoy it, ease into it, embrace it!

Don’t worry about the future too much.  Everything tends to fall into place anyways 🙂

What are some of your tips for college freshmen?

Have a nice weekend!

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