DIY Pin Board


Good Morning!

Do you remember the days before Pinterest?

The good ole days where you had to rip pictures out of magazines and put them in a binder…or even on a bulletin board?

I know, I know…definitely not as glamorous or as easy as Pinterest.

Recently I needed to make some changes to my home office, and decided it was time to make a real life pin board to display some of my ideas, inspirations and random sheets of paper that I need to have accessible at all times.

Plus I found some really cute fabric at Joann’s that I needed to incorporate into my office space somehow 🙂

DIY Pin Board

My mom {who always seems to have exactly what I need btw} had an extra bulletin board lying around that was the same size I wanted for my pin board.

Fate? I think so.

The only thing I needed to purchase for this project was my fabric, which I bought a yard of.

Here’s how I put my DIY Pin Board together:

DIY Pin Board

1. Place the fabric face down to cover the entire bulletin board.

2. Trace the inner side of the bulletin board frame to determine your cut lines.

3. Cut about an inch outside of your cut lines. Make sure the fabric covers the cork board. Iron the fabric if needed.

4. Pick a horizontal edge on the bulletin board and apply a thin layer of hot glue to secure the fabric.

5. Next flip the fabric over and use a putty knife to push the fabric under the frame.

6. Repeat and hot glue each portion of the fabric onto the bulletin board until you make it around the entire frame.

You have transformed your boring old bulletin board from this…

DIY Pin Board

To this…

DIY Pin Board

Now you can pin away!

DIY Pin Board

Put some of your pictures, inspirations and random sheets of paper all over your new DIY Pin Board.

DIY Pin Board

And you have to admit…isn’t this a little more fun than Pinterest?

DIY Pin Boards

Ok…maybe not.

But it sure is pretty!

Speaking of Pinterest I’d love for you to follow me!

I try and pin lots of pretty things there too 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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12 thoughts on “DIY Pin Board

  1. What a fun idea, I need to make a vision board and you inspired me to dress it up!!


  2. I need to make one of these for my craft room. I am always cutting out things and ideas and I need a central spot to keep them all.


  3. That fabric is AMAZING! I have real cork boards in my craft room too – it’s nice to physically pin something occasionally!


  4. Love that fabric! I made a similar one about a year ago, and I use it all the time. It’s like useful art in my office!! Love it!


  5. I’ve got a cork board waiting to be prettied up. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Pinning and sharing! 😉
    ~ Ashley


  6. Love the fabric you choose for this. These projects are great, inexpensive and make a big impact in a room. I did a corkboard make over last year and I loved it. I use it all the time as my inspiration board. Always pulling stuff out of magazines and pinning it to the board and adding paint samples I’m thinking of using. Great job!


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