DIY Cloth Napkins

DIY Cloth Napkins


Good Morning!

Happy Fall!

{In case you have forgotten once Labor Day is over we happily celebrate Fall around here :)}

I have been busy updating the Purple Palace with little touches of Fall décor.

A pumpkin here, some burlap there…you know, all the Fall basics.

This Fall I decided I needed some new napkins for our dining room table.

And guess what!? I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere…shocker I know as this ALWAYS happens to me.

On to Plan B…make my own!

DIY Cloth Napkins

I found this gorg fabric at Hobby Lobby and immediately knew this fabric would be perfect for my Fall napkins!

Here’s how I put these easy DIY cloth napkins together:

Easy DIY Cloth Napkins

1. I used a cloth napkin to determine the size of my new cloth napkins.

2. I ended up making my napkins about 1/2 inch wider (all the way around) and cut them out. It’s always a good idea to go big or go home incase you mess up somewhere 🙂

3. Iron the fabric.

4. Then I folded each edge about an 1/8 inch to prevent the fabric from fraying, and ironed the fold.

5. After this tiny fold, I folded each edge again for my fabric seam. Then I ironed the edge.

6. Lastly, I sewed the seam all the way around the napkin.

Super easy!

DIY Cloth Napkins

Then I stuffed my new cloth napkins with another napkin to give it some volume, and added a napkin ring.

DIY Cloth Napkin

I love my new Fall cloth napkins!

And it’s always more fun to go to Plan B 🙂

How are you getting your home ready for the greatest season of them all!?

Happy Wednesday!

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17 thoughts on “DIY Cloth Napkins

  1. I love that fabric, what a pretty way to dress up your table. I have a sewing machine I have never even taken out of the box. Maybe this is the project to start with!


  2. I agree – that fabric is gorgeous! Perfect for modern fall decor.


  3. I have been wanting to go to cloth napkins. How about I buy some material and then hire you to sew them for me!


  4. Alright, I don’t have a sewing machine but I’m loving this tutorial for these fabric napkins! Love the patterns!
    ~ Ashley


  5. I love the fabric!!! Sewing is one thing I wish I knew more about. These look fairly easy though!!


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