Decorating with Branches

Decorating with Branches


Good Morning!

One home décor trend I really wanted to add to the Purple Palace this Fall were deer antlers.

They are so simple and chic.

But the problem is deer antlers are expensive! And I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t justify spending $40 on the super cute pair of antlers I found at Hobby Lobby.

Sorry Hobby Lobby, but even my 40% off coupon isn’t going to cut it this time around.

I have noticed some really cool branch décor on Pinterest lately and figured I could find some branches that resembled deer antlers instead.

Decorating with Branches

Branches come in all sorts of dimensions…and can give your home that same Fall feel that deer antlers do.

And they are FREE!! That is assuming you {or your friendly neighbors} have some nice sized trees in your yard 🙂

My parents actually live in front of a pretty good sized woods that is full of awesome branches to use for home décor!

Decorating with Branches

I found these two gems on my search. I loved their unique dimensions.

Decorating with Branches

Then I spray painted them white…because a white branch is way more chic than a brown one 🙂

Deocrating with Branches

It adds a simple rustic touch to my Fall décor.

Decorating with Branches

And it didn’t cost me a penny…because I already have twenty cans of spray paint.

Who needs a pair of $40 deer antlers anyways?!

What kinds of simple Fall décor are you adding to your home this year?

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Decorating with Branches

  1. Talk to my dad I’m sure he has pair of antlers laying around!


  2. Last year I was really into spray painting branches for my home decor. I always thought it was a great ideas .


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