Candle Stick Makeover

Candle Stick Makeover


It’s Friday…woohoo!!!

Lately I have been wanting to do something with candlesticks…like a lot of different candle sticks.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do, but didn’t hesitate to stock up on candle sticks when Goodwill had their monthly 50% off everything sale.

In case you haven’t noticed Goodwill usually has about 25,568 candle sticks at any given time…so I was able to find a variety of candle sticks at super cheap prices!

My next step was to figure out what to do with these things…

Candle Stick Makeover

When in doubt {like every other crafty person} I turn to Pinterest for inspiration.

And boy was I inspired!

I decided to keep the gold candle sticks gold.

I kinda have a love affair going on with all things gold at the moment. You’ll notice this more in my upcoming Fall Home Tour 🙂

But the other candle sticks desperately needed a colorful makeover…so I picked a few colors and spray-painted them.

Candle Stick Makeover

Pretty. Simple. Stuff.

Then {like I saw on Pinterest} I added a candle of the same color to the coordinating candle stick on some of them.

Candle Stick Makeover

I don’t know what it is about spray-paint, but every time I use it the results just amaze me.

I know…I should probably get out of the house more 🙂

Candle Stick Makeover

This easy candle stick makeover completed my mantle for Fall this year!

I’m so glad Goodwill has 50% off sales…full of cheap-priced candle sticks.

To see some of my other Fall spray-painting projects click here and here.

What kind of spray-paint makeovers have you completed recently?

Have a nice weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Candle Stick Makeover

  1. LOVE!!! Awesome makeover!


  2. They turned out really cool!! Love that pops of color you choose.


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