October Faves

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October Faves

Happy Halloween!

Today is just another reason why I love October so much 🙂

A day dedicated to dressing up in costumes and eating candy…ah perfection!

Anyways…here are some of my fave things from my favorite month!

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Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 5

Good Morning!

Today marks Week 5 of the One Room Challenge….Week 5 people!!

Where did Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 go???

In case you haven’t figured it out yet I’m starting to feel the pressure of getting this thing done.

Big. Time.

But a good challenge isn’t really a “challenge” without experiencing a few bumps along the way.

So let me share some of these bumps with you today…

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Bikini Bites: Candy Corn Fruit Parfait


Happy Halloween week!

I like to celebrate holidays for at least a week…so in honor of Halloween Danielle has made a tasty {adult} treat for you to indulge in at least once, if not more this week 🙂

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Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 4


Welcome back to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

I can’t believe we are only two weeks away from the BIG reveal!

{In case this is your first time stopping by you can see the progress we have made with this bathroom remodel here.}

Let’s jump straight into the updates now, shall we!?

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Apple & Cheese Quesadilla


Bikini Bites: Apple & Cheese Quesadilla

Good Morning!

Most of you know I can’t stand onions…unless they are fried or cooked so well that you can hardly taste them.

And if they aren’t you can bet I will be picking them off of whatever it is I’m eating 🙂

I know it’s childish…but I HATE onions with a passion!

So when Danielle told me about a new quesadilla recipe she made featuring apples {yum!}, wine {love it!}, cheese {gotta have it!} and onions {hold the phone – not trying it!}…I was more than a little hesitant to eat it.

But I can’t share a recipe without actually trying it myself. I knew it was time to suck it up and take one for the team.

{Looking back now I can say I’m glad I did!}

Here’s today’s Bikini Bites recipe:

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How-To Make Your Own Shower Curtains

Good Morning!

As you know I am participating in the One Room Challenge 6-week link party.

{Or if you are not sure what I’m rambling on about click here :)}

One of our tasks for this project was to make a shower curtain.

Now I know you are probably thinking “they sell lots of shower curtains in stores these days” and you are correct…

But for this remodel we decided to have an extra long shower curtain to create the ambiance of a spa, and make the bathroom appear larger.

So DIY shower curtain it is!

How-to Make Shower Curtains

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Bikini Bites: Cider Sangria

Good Morning!

I don’t know about you…but I’m thrilled that it’s Friday.

And thrilled that it’s time to enjoy some much needed cocktails.

In the spirit of another Fall weekend, Danielle has created a Fall-ish cocktail for today’s Bikini Bites segment.

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Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 3

Well…we made it to week 3 of the 6 week One Room Challenge series.

{Click here to see Week 1 and Week 2.}

And I’m happy to report that a lot of progress was made.

Go us 🙂

Without further ado here is what we accomplished this week.

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Halloween Home Tour


Halloween Home Tour

Good Morning!

One thing you might not know about me is that I am a big scaredy-cat.

Like huge. No joke.

So it seems weird that during Halloween I love decorating with spooky, slightly gothic décor.

I think it’s because purple and black just go so well together…and if something scary is decked out in glitter it makes it less scary, right!?

I’ll let you be the judge 🙂

Welcome to the Purple Palace’s Halloween Home Tour!

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All Things Fall Y’all Blog Hop & Giveaway

Happy Friday!

Today I’m thrilled to be apart of another fabulous giveaway!!!!

This time several bloggers have teamed up to show you some awesome Fall DIY crafts, dĂ©cor and recipes…then of course giveaway CASH PRIZES totaling over $1,000!

Did you read that right…


All Things Fall Y'all Blog Hop & Giveaway 4 prizes


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