Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 1


Good Morning!

Have you been thinking about completing a pretty extensive home room project lately?

If so, do I have a fun series for you to follow!

{And those of you that aren’t in the midst of a home room project (lucky you!) you still might want to tag along and see some amazing room transformations!}

Bathroom Remodel Project

Linda from Calling it Home started the One Room Challenge, which brings together 20 designers who each makeover their own room.

But it isn’t called a challenge for nothing! Each week the bloggers discuss their makeover progress (for six weeks), and do a final room reveal at the end of the series.

For this One Room Challenge series Linda has also invited other bloggers to participate by linking up their own home room projects for the next six weeks every Thursday.

It just so happens my sister is in the process of making over her bathroom, so I thought this challenge might be just what she needs to light that fire under her pants and get it done. 🙂

And since I’m somewhat nominating her project for this challenge it is only fitting that I help assist her with it now too. No wonder she was up for it!

So for the next 5 Thursdays join me (and several  fantastic bloggers) as we take the One Room Challenge!

ORC Challenge Logo

Here’s what we will be working with at the Purple Palace

One Room Challenge

The bathroom is currently painted a bright chartreuse color.  Minus the silverfish-gray paint testing job.

One Room Challenge

See what I mean when I said in the process of making over 🙂

The plan is to update the following:

One Room Challenge

We sure have our work cut out for us…

Next Thursday I’ll be sharing the vision for this makeover.

I can tell you it involves wallpaper…which should be interesting because we have never attempted to hang wallpaper before.


Guess this might turn into an all hands on deck project when we need to call in the experts for back-up.

Experts meaning our parents 🙂

Be sure to stop by and check out the other One Room Challenge projects here.

Have a good day!

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26 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 1

  1. I’m doing a bathroom makeover too so god speed to both of us as it were- looking forward to seeing your plans next week!


  2. What a perfect canvas to makeover! I’m dying to see what kind of wallpaper you select. Bathroom makeovers are so fun!


  3. What a lovely bathroom space this is going to be. I cannot wait to see your progress and how it all unfolds.

    I too am participating in the One Room Challenge. My challenges? I just moved to a completely new state (Texas) last week and therefore have no idea where to source things other than Wal Mart and Home Depot. 🙂 I am currently battling strep throat and just want to lay around and eat soup as opposed to painting a 30 year old polyurethaned oak coffered ceiling that has never before seen paint. The accompanying powder room rivals the worst gas station stall ever. But a bonus is that the previous owners installed a wine glass and bottle holder on the ceiling of the bathroom. I kid you not. Come take a peek.


    • Thanks! I hope you feel better soon…strep throat and a room challenge just don’t go very well together. I’m looking forward to following your progress these next few weeks. Best of luck to you 🙂


  4. I’m doing a bathroom makeover for the ORC too! I can’t wait to see your plan and follow your progress over the next few weeks!


  5. I LOVE a room makeover. Bathrooms are always great to give a makeover too. I can’t wait to see.


  6. I can’t wait to see how this one comes together. Everyone love a pretty bathroom.


  7. Can’t wait to see your plan! This is going to look great! Love the idea of using wallpaper. Your changes are going to make such a big difference. Good luck!


  8. You had me at wallpaper! Love that idea and it adds so much charm. Can’t wait to see which one you chose. I am using wallpaper in my kitchen as well.


  9. This is going to be so fun. I love a good bathroom redo. Good luck:)


  10. Even seeing that little bit of new paint makes such a difference! Looking forward to following along on your reno!


  11. Hi Erin, your bathroom makeover is going to be great. Quite a big transformation. They are the best! I didn’t know how to hang a wallpaper either but I tried it first on my daughter’s bedroom wall and since than I wallpapered walls in almost every room of our house. I would recommend to choose a wallpaper that is paste-the-wall. It’s so easy. I still paste the paper as well as I wasn’t sure whether pasting the wall is enough. You can reposition the paper while hanging it too. Good luck! Karolina


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