Creative Halloween Costumes

Creative Halloween Costumes



Halloween is on my Top 5 list of favorite holidays.

For. Sure.

If I could wear a costume everyday I’d probably do it…ok not really but I’d definitely consider doing it maybe 10-25 days out of the year 🙂

Back in my early twenties I used to spend money buying costumes, but that can get expensive. And who really wants to show up to a Halloween party dressed in the same costume as 5 other people.

Not me!

For the last several Halloweens I’ve gone the DIY route. It is cheaper and oh so much more fun.

Today I thought I’d share 4 of my favorite costumes with you for some early Halloween Inspiration!

          Creative Halloween Costumes

Number 4: Scarecrow

Creative Halloween Costume

For this costume I used a flannel shirt, jean skirt, straw, burlap, twine and sunflowers.

Luckily my aunt and mom are creative because I needed some sewing help with this one.

We sewed and glued the patches and straw to my shirt and skirt. Hot glue would probably hold everything in place if you didn’t want to sew, but I wanted the straw to stay in place all day.

My aunt even made the cute little hat out of burlap!

Creative Halloween Costumes

I  also stuck straw in my boots, added some to my pigtails and secured them with twine.

Number 3: McDonald’s Characters

Creative Halloween Costumes

For a few Halloweens I was really into wearing wigs.

What types of characters allow you to wear red wigs…McDonald’s characters!

My sister was Ronald McDonald, I was the Hamburglar, and our friend Caitlin was Grimace (aka some kinda Purple creature).

We were in dance growing up and kept ALL of our dance costumes…which is the best advice I can give any girly girl 🙂

You would not believe how much use you get out of those costumes through the years!

Anyways…the dance costumes came in handy for this theme.

I did end up buying a shirt, cape and scarf at Goodwill for my costume.

Creative Halloween Costumes

I glued some hamburgers on my scarf and made the McDonald’s “M’s” for all of our costumes out of foam then glued/pinned them on.

Creative Halloween Costumes

We of course went to McDonald’s to take some candid pics.

And in case you were wondering…no they did not give us any free food.

The staff was actually unamused by our cool costumes.

Oh well…still fun for us 🙂

Number 2. Chiquita Banana Lady / Carmen Miranda

Creative Halloween Costumes

This was an award winning costume 🙂

I came in second place to a guy dressed as a Smurf.

I’m still a little bitter about that one…he painted himself blue and wore sweats…real creative. Haha!

Anyways…as complex as this costume may look it wasn’t too hard to put together.

I used a towel wrap for the hat and glued on pieces of fruit and flowers.

Again I wore another old dance costume skirt with a white blouse and accessorized with colorful bangles and fruit jewelry.

Creative Halloween Costumes

I found the perfect colorful shoes at Goodwill.

I may have about broken my neck a few times wearing them that night {they had to have been from the 70’s and weren’t really what I’d consider wearable} but they completed my costume 🙂

Lastly my favorite costume to date would have to be…

Number 1. Barbie

Creative Halloween Costumes

Growing up my sister and I were OBSESSED with Barbies.

We probably had 200.

No. Joke.

So it was only fitting that we finally dedicate a costume to our fave childhood toy.

Barbie has to have good hair, so we spent a little money on a really good blonde wig.

Then we used what we had in our gigantic costume bin to make our outfits.

Piece of cake!

Creative Halloween Costumes

The hardest part of this whole costume idea was convincing our Ken.

And to my surprise he went along with it…no questions asked.

Actually I think he ended up having the most fun with this costume of all the Barbies 🙂

I hope I’ve inspired you to be something creative for Halloween this year.

Or at least to think twice before throwing out any old dance costumes!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Have a good day!

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15 thoughts on “Creative Halloween Costumes

  1. So creative and super fun too! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


  2. Love these, Erin!! You’re SO creative! How about this year? Have you started yet?


  3. Ha! I love that the McDonald’s staff was not amused by your creative costumes! Too funny!
    ~ Ashley


  4. Oh how fun are these?! I love all of them! Such great ideas! And even more fun when you can dress up with sisters! Thanks for sharing! I love dressing up for Halloween.


  5. Erin………..
    So enjoyed making your costumes when you were little….so glad to see you are another 3rd generation of Halloween fun creating, sewing and making your own costumes……making your own costume is half the fun………..the other half is knowing that you created it yourself!! 🙂
    Have a nice Halloween.
    Aunt Donna


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