Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 2



Last week I introduced you to my sister’s bathroom that I decided to sign-up for the 6 week One Room Challenge.

I know…I’m such a good sister 🙂

She’s no dummy though…the only way I could use her remodel is if I agreed to help her out.


So you’ve seen the before pictures, now it’s time to show you the inspiration behind this remodel!

ORC Challenge Logo

Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

We will be using this wallpaper on the wall above the vanity only. It is gorgeous…I’m just a little nervous about hanging wallpaper because we have never done it before.

Guess we gotta learn sometime.

The other 2 walls will be painted in this Expressive Plum color from the HGTV Home Collection by Sherwin Williams.

Both paint and wallpaper have been ordered. And the painting might begin as early as this weekend.

My sister has decided to jack the shower curtain rod up higher and closer to the ceiling.

Kinda like this:

Shower Curtain to Ceiling

So we will be making a shimmery white fabric shower curtain to get the length she wants. Then accenting the shower curtain with white bath rugs.

We will also be installing new faucets, and possibly a new sink and counter top if it all comes in on time.

Actually…I should say my dad will be installing these things. Who am I trying to kid here!? I’m no plumber 🙂

Lastly we will be accessorizing with silver accents like the vanity mirrors, soap dispensers and other miscellaneous bathroom pieces.

The mirrors came in from Wayfair last week!

Bathroom Remodel

And of course we couldn’t leave this beautiful thing in the box.

So we put it up in the bathroom…

Bathroom Remodel

I think it will look much better in the remodel though…don’t you!?

And maybe hanging on the wall without the protectors on the corners 🙂

Be sure to check out all of the other One Room Challenge projects here.

I can tell you I have seen all of them… and can’t wait to follow along for the next 4 weeks!

Have a good day!

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29 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel Project: Week 2

  1. Looking good!! Love that idea of hanging the shower curtain up high…anything I can hang high to make my 8ft ceilings appear taller is a win. Mirrors are so simply elegant, they are a perfect fit! Can’t wait to see what comes next. xoxo


  2. Your mood board is beautiful. And hanging wallpaper on one wall is pretty simple. You got this;)


    • Thanks, Tiffany! My biggest concern with hanging the wallpaper is getting it on straight. I can’t fold, cut or draw a straight line to save my life. I appreciate the encouragement! I’m sure it will be easier than I think 🙂


  3. I’m excited about the higher shower curtain idea – it feels so much more elegant! The mirrors are going to look great too.


  4. I definitely think it will look much better. Great selection on the mirror. I am loving silver at the moment.


  5. Love the ceiling elongating trick of hanging the curtain higher. and yes, this is gonna be a very pretty spa like space.


  6. That wallpaper is going to be gorgeous, Erin! Good luck with your progress this week! 🙂


  7. There are many very good videos on youtube about how to hang wallpaper. I have wallpapered with maps and found it to be so so satisfying -it goes very quickly. My words of advice are to draw a true vertical reference line for your first sheet – use a long level or a plumb line with chalk and buy like a full box of razors. A sharp blade will be everything when you trim at the ceiling or around things. If it’s not sharp enough, the paper tears instead of cuts. Good luck, I know it sounds intimidating but really it’s easy peasy. Can’t wait to see it done.


  8. I love your plans for this room! It’s going to look great!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands


  9. Love long custom shower curtains – they look so luxe. And you know I love wallpaper – adds so much charm and interest. What a nice sister you are!


  10. Fab ideas, Erin! Love the mirrors.
    I’m also thinking about trying some wallpaper. Now I know I’m not alone on trying it for the first time. Yikes!


  11. I’m so glad to hear somebody else is starting painting this weekend…I’m feeling a little behind. 🙂 This bathroom is going to be gorgeous! What a sophisticated color pallette!


  12. Love it, Erin! the mirrors are lovely 🙂
    I’m also thinking of trying some wallpaper for the first time! glad to know I’m not alone on this one. Good luck!


  13. Great plan! Love the new mirror. I know you weren’t going to doing anything with the light fixture (I think?), but I saw a bathroom remodel the other day that had the same fixture as your sister’s; they just spray-painted the base in a matte black and it looked incredible. Wanted to pass it along!


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