Last-Minute Gift Ideas

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Good Morning!

For those of you that have your Christmas shopping done kudos to you.

For those of you that wait until the last minute like I do…good luck!

When it comes to shopping for gifts I am so the typical man running around the mall like a chicken with it’s head cut-off.

But…in my case procrastination always pays off…and usually I find some great deals!

So for all of you last-minute shoppers…I have put together a few gift ideas to help make your shopping experience a little less stressful 🙂

Let’s start with some gift ideas for the women in your life…

Gifts for her

1. Throw Blanket; 2. Gold Bangle; 3. Gloves; 4. Fur Scarf; 5. Earcuff Set; 6. Pineapple Shaped Glass Box; 7. Sweater; 8. Candle; 9. Coasters; 10. Earmuffs

And for the men…

Gifts for Him

1. Socks; 2. Scotch Glass; 3. Scarf; 4. Gloves; 5. Sweater; 6. Golf Balls; 7. Loungewear; 8. Cologne; 9. Slippers; 10. Memorabilia Book

Basically in my opinion you can’t go wrong getting women something sparkly or furry.

And for the men stick with something lounge, alcohol or sports related (of course not necessarily IU stuff…but I’m the one picking these gifts, remember!?)

Best of luck with your last-minute shopping endeavors this weekend…and keep in mind I’ll be shopping frantically right in the middle of the hustle and bustle too.

 Tis’ the season 🙂

Have a good weekend!

Erin - Signature

P.S. If you need some DIY gift tag inspiration once you are ready to wrap your gifts click here.


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