Erma’s Latest Shenanigans

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Merry Christmas!

I know things have been a little quiet around here this week. I’ve been preparing for Christmas and finally just decided to kick back and enjoy the holiday season a little more myself.

But…I couldn’t go a week without sharing some of Erma’s latest shenanigan’s with you of course!

And let me just say…there were some great ones 🙂

So for your Christmas enjoyment here’s what Erma the Elf was up to last week…

Erma 013

You know those mornings when you decide to sleep in just a little bit and are crunched for time when you finally wake up…

Erma 003

…and then you have to clean up the disaster your elf decided to make in your bathroom just so you can get ready for the day?

Erma 004

Erma 008

Yeah…this was one of those days…

Erma 007


Erma 012

Erma always follows through with her promises though…

Erma 015

And I got a free Christmas “vanicure” out of it so I can’t complain too much.


Thanks Erma {and Sissy} 🙂

Then on Friday I came home to this…

Erma 030

Erma 038

Erma 029

I guess you would consider this a toilet paper train…

Erma 027

Erma 023

…that goes around the whole house.

Erma 022

Erma 018

The good news is I think we have enough toilet paper to do a serious t-peeing job, or to at least last us all of 2015.

Erma 017

And last but certainly not least Erma decided to go on location…

Erma 051

To cheer on her favorite hockey team…the Fort Wayne Komets!

Erma 074

Who knew elves liked hockey so much!?

Erma 078

Erma 045

She had a great time hanging out with the K’s staff. Apparently Erma’s got some connections.

Erma 048

Erma 049

Erma 055

Erma 057

She was even able to catch up and report in with the big guy himself.

Erma 063

Erma 064

Just a typical Saturday night in the life of a crazy elf 🙂

Erma 067

Erma 046

Erma 060

Erma 069

Her favorite part of the game was riding on the zamboni with her new friend Paul.

Erma 083

Erma 105

Erma 107

All in all the game was a blast!

Erma 112

A special thanks to the Komet’s staff for making it such a fun night…and to the curious fans for getting a kick out of who this Erma chick was 🙂

And thank you for following along with our crazy version of Elf on the Shelf all season long.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we have!

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas today!

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