December Faves


Hello Friends!

Ok…I know my December recap is just a tad late. But in my defense, I took some much needed time off over the holidays to enjoy the season.

So even though it’s January 5th…and we already recapped 2014 here and here, we are going to do December now 🙂

December Faves

At the very beginning of December I was able to spend some time with some of my favorite seniors during their Christmas party.

Dec Recap 2

I sure miss teaching them every Wednesday, but always enjoy catching up with them each month.

Then we headed to Chicago for our annual Christmas shopping weekend.


And let me just say…whenever we completely fill the trunk {and can hardly see out the back window} that equals a successful shopping trip to me!

Thank goodness for car sensors these days.

Dec Recap 4

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching Christmas Vacation with our good family friends.

Christmas Vacation

I’m pretty confident some of us can quote 90% of the movie…

Which we do during the movie, and through random texts to each other all year long 🙂

Dec Recap 12

As you can see we take being fans of Christmas Vacation to a whole new level!

I received an early Christmas present…

Selfies 018

My fancy new Nikon camera!

I’m so excited to have this camera…even though I don’t know how to use it 100% yet. Here’s to figuring it all out in 2015!

We celebrated Christmas…

Dec Recap 25

Where I had many chances to test out my new camera…

Dec Recap 24

And become my family’s official paparazzi.

Dec Recap 28

Luckily my cousin and her husband also like to take pictures, so I wasn’t the only one 🙂


I’m not sure what we spent so much time laughing at during Christmas this year…but nonetheless my family is always laughing, and we have a great time together!

Then something really huge happened on Christmas Eve…

Dec Recap 27

Kelli {my sissy} and her boyfriend Ian got engaged!!!!!!

So you know what that means…we {of course I can assist, duh} get to plan a wedding!

I can hardly handle the excitement!!!

Last but certainly not least, we celebrated the last day of December ringing in the new year.

And this year we did something genius…

Dec Recap 30

We celebrated 7 other countries’ New Year on the hour until ours at midnight.

Dec Recap 31

Where we indulged in some of their signature cocktails and traditional foods.

Dec Recap 35

We made our 2015 resolutions…

Dec Recap 34

And some even got a head start on theirs!

Dec Recap 32

Dec Recap 36

We played one of our favorite games Heads Up

Dec Recap 38


Dec Recap 44

Popped champagne when the clock struck midnight…

Dec Recap 46

And celebrated 2015!!!

Dec Recap 33

Ok…maybe we acted like kids and celebrated midnight by throwing confetti again a few times after the ball had dropped too 🙂

Dec Recap 40

Despite the mess…

Dec Recap 48

I’d definitely say the party was a success!

Dec Recap 37

My fave posts of December were:

A Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour

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Holiday Song Inspired Blog Hop

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Erma 074

Erma’s Latest Shenanigans

I have so many exciting things to share with you in 2015…stay tuned!

Happy Monday,

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6 thoughts on “December Faves

  1. It sure looks like you were a busy lady in December. I cannot wait to see all the wedding planning you are going to post about. I have a friend who just got engaged too. I will be sure to tell her about this blog to follow all your details! Also, what a fun idea to celebrate every hour for NYE!


  2. Wow you had a pretty exciting/busy month! You sure made it a memorable month.


  3. Yay!!! Congrats to your sister! Wedding planing is so fun (even more so, I think, when it’s not your own)! Sounds like you had quite the month. I’m a little jealous of the Chicago shopping trip and new camera, I must say! Looks like your NYE was fun, too (much more so than ours). Happy 2015!


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