Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

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Good Morning!

This year for Christmas it seemed like everyone in my family got a Ninja blender.

{And when I say everyone I really mean my mom and sister, but of course that means my dad and I did too since we each live with one of them. Oh the joys of having a roommate!}

I’m a huge fan of blenders…you see when you are “learning” how to cook you can’t possibly mess anything up in a blender.

Throw everything in…and if it doesn’t taste right keep throwing more stuff in until it does.

Piece. Of. Cake.

So, in the spirit of eating healthy in the new year {and me wanting to test out the new blender} I thought I’d share one of my new smoothie recipes with you today.

Easy Green Smoothie Header

Typically, I try and drink a green smoothie every morning.

{Except for the month of December that is, when I opted to have a piece of cake about every morning instead…whoopsies!}

Here’s the recipe I have been enjoying this week:

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

Don’t let the raw egg freak you out…it’s an easy way to add some protein, plus it’s doctor recommended. Just make sure you use an organic egg.

You can’t even taste it 🙂

Easy Green Smoothie 2

Easy Green Smoothie

I just love this little healthy green organic concoction!

And I love my our new Ninja blender! I’ll be sharing more smoothie recipes with you soon!

What practical {or grown-up} gift did you receive this Christmas that you are currently loving?

Have a good weekend!

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