Bikini Bites: Mini Shrimp Egg Rolls


Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you…but I’m so glad it’s time for the weekend.

Weekends are perfect for relaxing, shopping, crafting, cleaning or perhaps trying something new…like a new recipe!

In today’s Bikini Bites segment Danielle has created a simple recipe that you might want to give a whirl this weekend 🙂

Mini Shrimp Egg Rolls

Mini Shrimp Egg Rolls Recipe

So easy…

Mini Shrimp Egg Rolls

So delicious…

Mini Shrimp Egg Rolls 2

And best of all you can whip up these mini shrimp egg rolls quickly.

That way you have plenty of time to enjoy your weekend 🙂

Have a good one!

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6 thoughts on “Bikini Bites: Mini Shrimp Egg Rolls

  1. These look so good and your pictures are amazing!


  2. I agree with Lindsay … Those pictures are amazing!! These rolls look fantastic, too! Have a great weekend!!


  3. I wouldn’t have ever guessed these were baked egg rolls! That makes them even better. Can’t wait to try this!


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