My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour


Good Morning!

Remember how I told you I was going to be more open about my life with you this year?

Well…today is one of those open days.

For. Sure.

When you are a single thirty-something {or twenty-something in my sister’s case} sometimes life or work gets in the way…and you don’t always have time to make your bed in the morning, put your clothes away, or sort through a stack of bills and junk mail. Sometimes it’s much easier to let those things go and sit down to watch an episode of the Real Housewives instead.

{Even if you’ve already seen that same episode 10 times.}

Although we try our hardest to keep the Purple Palace clean we are only human. So today we are going behind-the-scenes for a glimpse of what our home {gasp!} sometimes looks like.

Welcome to my Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour!

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour Header

Let’s start in the kitchen…

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

We get a ton of mail for some reason…so like most people we pick through the things we want right away and save the rest of it for another day.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

And even though we walk right past the coat closet sometimes it’s so much easier to hang our coats on the dining room chairs.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

After all, the dining room table really should serve as a multi-purpose piece.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

Sadly our throw pillows aren’t always perfectly fluffed…

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

And our throw blankets don’t always seem to get folded and put away.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

There are times when our vacuum becomes somewhat of a living room decoration.

{It really is a pretty vacuum, don’t you think?}

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

And shoes {or snow boots in the winter} greet our guests at the front door…

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

Articles of clothing and shoes can wait patiently for days hoping, and praying we finally haul them back upstairs where they belong.

Even though we sprint up the stairs past them with free hands at least 10 times a day.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

Who needs to put clothes away when you have a chair in your bedroom that acts like a closet?

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

And when the chair gets too full you always have the floor.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

It’s so much easier to leave the clean laundry folded in the basket.

Who really has time to put laundry away?

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

And while I prefer to stack my clothes on a chair, or make a pile on my floor…

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

…my sister seems to enjoy scattering her clothes all around the bedroom.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

To each their own 🙂

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

And she also likes to collect glasses from time to time.

My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

At least we know she stays hydrated!

So there you have it my friends…as you can see our home is not always picture perfect. But overall we do manage to keep it pretty clean {which you can see here} most of the time.

Just promise you won’t stop by and surprise us on a random Tuesday evening when we are watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 🙂

And if you’re dying for more behind-the-scenes home tours you’re in luck! Check out some of my fellow bloggers’ tours below.

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Thank goodness I’m not the only one with a mess on my hands!

Have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “My Perfectly Imperfect Home Tour

  1. I love your tour! The clothes on the floor speak to me!


  2. What? It’s everyone’ vacuum cleaner a part of their home decor? 🙂

    Love the perfectly imperfect home tour!
    ~ Ashley


  3. Ha, Ha, Ha!!! I’m laughing out loud because I can SO relate!! Our coats often hang on chairs, I am notorious for collecting water glasses next to my bed, the steps going upstairs are always full of stuff that never seems to make it up there, and our vacuum is sometime decoration, too. Oh, and we have TWO chairs in our bedroom that act as closets!! Great post! Thanks for sharing. It was SO fun to read! Your home still looks very clean, though … I must say!


  4. You mean you don’t have auto fluffing cushions and self folding throws? Shocker! (I have the same hoover, does yours make a high pitched squeal too? I forgive it as it picks up so well but I often wonder if it’s supposed to do that!)


    • Julie, I think you may be onto something with the auto fluffing cushions and self folding throws…next great invention?? I think so! Our vacuum is pretty quiet for the most part. Thanks for stopping by!


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