Last weekend I was lucky enough to babysit one of my favorite 3 year olds. I wanted to plan something that she could participate in and enjoy. And why not have a theme to go along with it!? I decided a Princess Pizza Party would be up both our alleys!

Princess Pizza Party 11

You are probably wondering what you need to have a Princess Pizza Party, so let me share that with you.

First, you need the most important thing….a cute Princess!!

Princess Pizza Party 2

She will also need a pink apron, so she doesn’t get anything on her pretty Princess dress!

Princess Pizza Party 3

Next, you make the pizza dough. It helps if you have a bigger Princess to stir the pizza dough, because it can be a little tough to do!

Princess Pizza Party 5

Then you prepare the pizza sauce.

Princess Pizza Party 7

After the pizza dough rises you can use a crown cookie cutter to make the Princess Pizza crust.

Princess Pizza Party 8

Then spread the pizza sauce over the dough.

Princess Pizza Party 9

After that add the cheese, and bake the pizza.

Princess Pizza Party 10

Then Volià!!! The Princess Pizza Party is complete!

Princess Pizza Party 15

The Princess enjoys the pizza, while the big Princess takes pictures of her eating the pizza. 🙂

Princess Pizza Party

Success!!! The look on this Princess’ face says it all. And how cute is it that she not only has pizza on her face, but also on her sleeve!?

If you haven’t had a Princess Pizza Party with a cute 3 year old yet I highly recommend it!

Have a great Wednesday!

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