How To Make a Small Fire Pit

Make Your Own Small Fire Pit


Happy Wednesday!

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you really need a particular item, but you don’t want to fork up the money to buy it?

Happens to me all the time…like the broken headlight that I have been driving around with all Summer long…

…yes Dad, I know I need to get it fixed…but I also have my priorities 🙂

Lately, I have been ALL about s’mores.

S’more blizzards from DQ, s’more candles, s’more lip gloss…coming from someone that has never been much of a s’mores fan.

I don’t get it, but I’m also really enjoying it!

I decided it was time that I have a s’mores party…but I don’t have a fire pit.

And I’m certainly not going to spend my money on one…after all I need to fix my broken headlight, remember!?

While browsing Pinterest one evening I saw that people make their own fire pits…how smart are they!?

I knew it was time to jump on this bandwagon 🙂

How To Turn a Flower Pot Into A Small Fire Pit

These small fire pits are super easy to make too!

How To Make a  Small Fire Pit

You will need a small flower pot, {I chose a ceramic flower pot, then spray painted it navy and added a white stripe} some river rocks, and a chafing fuel container.

How To Make a  Small Fire Pit


1. Fill the flower pot with the river rocks.

2. Even out the river rocks, so you have a flat surface.

3. Place the chafing fuel container on top of the river rocks. Make sure the chafing fuel container sets up a little higher than the flower pot.

4. Evenly place the rest of the river rocks around the chafing fuel container.

How To Make a  Small Fire Pit

Remove the chafing fuel lid…

… light the container {Don’t be fooled this thing gets HOT!}

… and volià!

You have your very own small fire pit…perfect for making s’mores!

How To Make a  Small Fire Pit

And you didn’t break the bank either, because this little guy costs less than $5 to make!

How To Make a Small Fire Pit

So you can spend the rest of your money on your broken headlight 🙂

Or I can anyways….

Who’s ready for some s’mores!?

Stay tuned for the S’more Party pics coming soon 🙂

Have a good day!

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36 thoughts on “Make Your Own Small Fire Pit

  1. Very good Erin! Perfect for a small patio!


  2. Such a cute idea! This is perfect for city living and small balconies. I always want a fire pit on summer night but have to settle for candles. Not anymore!!


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  7. Found this on SITS Girls. Great idea and so simple. I just need the chafing fuel to make it.


  8. I need to try this! How much fun would this be at a party! Great idea


  9. What a cool idea!! I love making smores with the kids but hate a fire pit. What a perfect solution, AND it looks super cool in the process. I could see these set all around for a BBQ just for display!


    • Thanks, Courtney! This worked out perfect, and is so much more practical for me than a fire pit 🙂 And it’s perfect to store because it doesn’t take up a lot room. Never thought I’d love a “fire pit” so much. Haha!


  10. Great idea!! My husband was bound and determined to build a big firepit in our backyard, and guess what??? It’s been half finished for 2 months! I should just make one of these and call it good! So cute!


    • Thanks, Katie! Haha, maybe he can still get that fire pit finished yet this summer… but half finished is better than nothing, right!? 🙂 Mine took 5 minutes (minus waiting for the paint to dry). Glad you like it!


  11. Love it! We have a fire pit, but let’s be honest, it takes a commitment to build a fire and then baby sit it until it burns out. Some nights that doesn’t matter, but having a quick & easy alternative that still results in s’mores sounds perfect!


    • Thanks, Melissa! You are right no one wants to sit and wait for a fire to burn out! This fire pit allows you to blow it out and move on with your day, or evening. I have been guilty of getting it out just to make a quick s’more for myself. The things I do for my sugar cravings 🙂


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  14. What a cool idea! I love fire pits , too. I saw a “fire basket” at Meijer , but I think I like this better. And it’s cost !!
    My only question is if it is safe to use this chemical flame on foods??


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  16. I am having a small get together to celebrate the fall. This will be great with several scattered sound. I will be serving Sangria from your website. You have so many wonderful ideas! Fantasic!


    • Thank you, Diane! You are too sweet 🙂 This firepit is wonderful for small get togethers. It was so nice to have this Summer because it’s easy to get out and doesn’t require much of a set-up at all. I’m sure your guests will enjoy it too!


  17. I have a few of these and they are great! If you toss a little table salt on the flames they will turn colors. Pretty cool…..


  18. Does this kick out a decent amount of heat or is it just decorative?


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  20. where do you buy river rocks? and is the flower pot plastic or ceramic and where did you get it?


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